Kamushki Sisters

Raised in Switzerland, Libyan sisters Mariam and Dania Sawedeg are the design duo behind Kamushki Jewellery. Together, the pair have created a fine jewellery brand inspired by their multicultural upbringing and an inherent love of jewels. Growing up between Zurich, Dubai and Tripoli the sisters have a natural cosmopolitan flare with their fresh designs effortlessly merging concepts from all corners of the world.

A childhood spent travelling the world exposed the sisters to the possibilities that jewellery design offered and encouraged Mariam and Dania to embark on a career designing their own finery. Having studied jewellery design at GIA in London, Mariam heads up the design side of the brand, visualizing the playful designs that are at the core of the Kamushki philosophy. Offering the perfect compliment to her sister’s design aesthetic is Dania, who with a degree in media and communications has her finger firmly on the fashion pulse, her encyclopedic knowledge of trends keeps Kamushki fresh. The dynamic relationship between the sister’s shines throughout Kamushki with their personalities reflected in the brands distinctive designs and the spirit of the Sawedeg sisters infuses Kamushki with a sense of fun.

A desire to tell stories is deeply embedded within the kamushki
brand. Despite their diverse background their signature design, the fishbone, links firmly back to the designer’s Libyan roots where the iconic motif represents goodness and is believed to protect the wearer
from the evil eye and bad energy. Cultural heritage may be at the heart
of the Kamushki brand but it is the modern twists on traditional symbols that give the jewellery its edge.